Maximillian L. Chen

I am a 2nd-year PhD student in Computer Science at Columbia University advised by Zhou Yu.
✉️ maxchen AT cs DOT columbia DOT edu

Research Interest: Dialogue Systems; Syntax; Multimodal NLP

I received my Bachelors at Cornell University, where I worked with Prof. Lillian Lee and Dr. Jack Hessel, Prof. Rene Kizilcec, and Prof. Joe Guinness.
My PhD is supported by a GFSD fellowship.
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[0] M. Chen, A. Papangelis, C. Tao, A. Rosenbaum, S. Kim, Y. Liu, Z. Yu, D. Hakkani-Tur Weakly Supervised Data Augmentation Through Prompting for Dialogue Understanding
SyntheticData4ML @ NeurIPS 2022

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[1] M. Chen, W. Shi, F. Yan, R. Hou, J. Zhang, S. Sahay and Z. Yu Seamlessly Integrating Factual Information and Social Content with Persuasive Dialogue

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[2] M. Chen*, C. Chen*, X. Yu* and Z. Yu FastKASSIM: A Fast Tree Kernel-Based Syntactic Similarity Metric

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[3] R. Kizilcec, M. Chen, K. Jasinska, M. Madaio and A. Ogan Mobile Learning During School Disruptions in Sub-Saharan Africa
AERA Open Vol. 7 No. 1 (Special Topic Collection on Educational Data Science)

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[4] M. Chen and R. Kizilcec Return of the Student: Predicting Re-Engagement in Mobile Learning
Educational Data Mining 2020

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[5] R. Kizilcec and M. Chen Student Engagement in Mobile Learning via Text Message
ACM Conference on Learning @ Scale 2020

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[6] J. Guinness, D. Bhattacharya, J. Chen, M. Chen, and A. Loh An Observational Study of the Effect of Nike Vaporfly Shoes on Marathon Performance

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  • Amazon Science - Research/Applied Scientist Intern (Summer 2022), Alexa AI - Conversation Modeling
  • Microsoft - Software Engineer Intern (Summer 2020), Excel - Data Visualization and Experiences
  • Morgan Stanley - Technology Summer Analyst (Summer 2019), Enterprise Visualization and Analytics
  • RapidRatings - Analytics Intern (Summer 2018), Analytics & Coverage



  • TA: COMS 6998, Conversational AI - Fall 2022 (Columbia)
  • TA: COMS 4156, Advanced Software Engineering - Fall 2021 (Columbia)
  • TA: CS 4300, Language & Information - Spring 2021 (Cornell)
  • TA: CS 4780/5780, Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems - Fall 2020 (Cornell)
  • TA: INFO 5200, Learning Analytics - Fall 2019 (Cornell)
  • TA: INFO 2950, Intro to Data Science - Spring 2019, 2020 (Cornell)